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Bridgeville Community Center

(707) 777-1775

PO Box 3, Bridgeville, CA95526


Chantal Campbell, Director

Located at Bridgeville Elementary School, at 38717 Kneeland Road, off Highway 36.

Calendar of Bridgeville Events: The monthly calendar is included in the newsletter and available on-line. Click here to see the list of newsletters, click on the month you want to see and go to the last page.

To be a supporter of the Bridgeville Community Center, you can send a donation to the above address. Or can can make a donation by credit card through paypal. You don't need to sign up for paypal.

We appreciate the past supporters. The Community Center is dependent upon grants and sponsors like you. Thank you!


Bridgeville is home to BridgeFest, the annual event when Aliens and Humans gather on the old bridge and determine, once and for all, who is flying Saucer Contest Champion and Grand Emperor of the Universe. Come witness the invasion by Aliens and UFOs that occurs during BridgeFest, accompanied by live music, vendors selling earthly and unearthly wares, and general out-of-this-world fun. Remember, not all Aliens bite, some are actually friendly. The event takes place the third Saturday in August, located on Planet Earth. See you there!!!

Bridgeville Community Center Mission Statement

The Bridgeville Community Center is dedicated to improving the quality of life for all our community members. We are committed to bringing people of all ages together to encourage good health, self-esteem, creativity, and personal development.



These are updated announcements and notices for the Bridgeville Community Center. This will be updated periodically. Please call the office for any additional information at (707) 777-1775.


Upcoming BCC Events:

BridgeFest UFO

BridgeFest is Saturday August 17, 2019.
Enjoy. Welcome Aliens and Earthlings.

Please call to confirm meeting dates and times.

BCC Board Meeting: First Thursday of the Month, 3:30 pm

Commodities: Once a month, the Friday after the 3rd Thursday of the month.

Bookmobile: 2nd Tuesday, 10-11:30

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Vendor Information

My Favorite Alien Information